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En alldeles nygjord dag.
Vad som helst kan ske...

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Om jag kraschar helt
och går under i Havet
kan ni öppna svarta lådan
om ni vill veta vad som hände!

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Q. How would you define what a walk-in is, what happens when someone walks in? ?

A soul usually makes a completion in this lifetime when a person dies. But in certain lifetimes a soul completes their work early. Generally, with the walk-in experience, it is an agreement between two souls on an etheric level. Sometimes it is done before the soul is born into a body. An agreement is made with another to walk in. It is simply another way to come onto this planet. In my case, I was asked to do this based on certain criteria that I agreed to do. I had no reason or interest to walk in. I was perfectly happy to stay where I was.

Q. Do you remember your agreements? ?
Absolutely, I came in here with full memory. A lot of walk-ins don't. They just feel weird. They don't know anybody. It's like landing in the middle of nowhere. It's like going to a foreign country and not knowing the language or customs other than what you've read. You feel like a fish out of water. There's really no other experience that matches this one, other than when you ascend.

Q. The soul who was in your body before had completed her work? ?
Yes. She was to start things in motion on the work that she was doing. I continued it when I walked in. Her true love was on the other side. Her true love could have either walked in, or she could have gone on to see him again. She went to him.

Q. So he died or ascended, previously? ?
Yes, he ascended. He is now an ascended master. His work is now too important to leave to come down to earth at this time. They decided that it would be best for her to make the change as long as she could find someone to help with that transition. That's when I came in.

Q. When you came into this new body for you was there any cellular memory that had been left behind? ?
Oh yes! The person's memory is still in the body. And what she hasn't completed I now have to finish for her, all the negative patterns and left-over stuff that a person has. Plus on top of that you have your own issues to take care of. It's an interesting challenge trying to take on two sets of things.

Q. What about your friends before the walk-in event 3 years ago. ?
They know I've changed. After things settled down I told them all about it. I told them I wasn't the same person, and that they didn't know me the way they used to. Some people just went out of my life because they couldn't handle it. As you change new people come into your life. The friends I have now that I've made over the last couple years are completely different from the people I knew before. ?Some people just can't handle it when I tell them who I am. They're living in fear. How are they going to handle something like this? I tell people that I've never been on this planet. I've never had an Earth background. I am now integrated in this body so I am now human. I am an earthling at least in body. I will never be completely human. But I have completely integrated into who I now am. A lot of walk-ins don't know what happens. It's a frightening experience. They have no idea what has happened to them.

Q. Do you get support where you came from? ?
Oh yes, I spend time up there. I just leave my body. I go up there and work on the ship. For a while I didn't go back and forth because I needed to integrate here. For two years I was dealing with my physical integration. And then last year my emotional body came on-line. It was horrible. I had never felt emotions like that. I mean we have feelings, but not like this. This is crazy! I was walking around feeling out of control. I was angry. A lot of what the former occupant had left me with in this body was not taken care of and never dealt with. So I'm cleaning up her karma. Making full circles. I'm doing things that she never would have done, and had avoided doing.

Q. Was your body here married before the walk-in 3 years ago. ?
Yes. Although he comes from a very third dimensional place. He's a logical type of person. I understand that. I'm a scientist up there too.

Q. What were you doing before you walked in three years ago? ?
I have been working on a ship (spaceship) for a thousand years. It's physically a big ship, but it's cloaked to be invisible. It's above the Earth. Once the work is complete on this planet and the planet has transcended into the 5th dimension, then this ship goes on and does other things.

Q. How many years will it take for our planet to go 5th dimension? ?
Well, on the track we had been going we were all set to get going last fall (1994), but then the election happened and all the Republicans were elected and everyone lost faith for awhile. It changed perception for a while and many lightworkers just shut down. They were so discouraged. They let their thoughts and feelings move into fear when they could have bought into love. They had a choice.

Q. How can the political scene have that much effect on people? ?
It does, because we all live here on the planet. Unless you live in a cave somewhere, it affects you. Consequently, we're trying to bring the shift back. It's going to take longer than we anticipated.

Q. What is the state of Earth now? ?
We are in the fourth dimension now. There is duality. And even though many people are still trying to hold onto their third dimensional reality, it is disintegrating on them. It will continue to exist for those who really want it. What's happened is that another world has been set up so that they can transfer into another place. That will happen.

Q. What is your heritage and background? ?
My mother is Pleiadian and my father is from Sirius B.

Q. Is that kind of ancestry common? ?
A lot of mixing took place. There are some people who are purely from one place but often people mixed together. My father happened to be working on Pleiades, and they met. He finished his work and they moved to Sirius.

Q. Isn't the Pleiades solar system a much newer solar system? ?
No. They were all formed at about the same time. It's very ancient.

Q. Why are all these people interested in Earth at this time? ?
It's explained pretty well in the books by Barbara Marciniak. In the first book the Pleiadians explain what went wrong, and in the second book they apologized for it. They played around. They came down here like it was a playground to fool around with. What they did was shut down the DNA cycles so that instead of having 12 strand DNA helixes humans now have two. Now, humans are becoming angry because they are remembering that they were manipulated.

Q. Is it true that there were many different entities that came to earth to colonize it? ?
Atlantis was definitely Pleiadian, also Siriran. Also Orion and others have been here. The Pleiadians taught the Atlanteans how to use the crystals. There were many other visitors that came to earth to stay or visit.?The ideas of the different societies were good, but they didn't blend. There was a power struggle. If there was not a power struggle, then humans would not be in the state they are today, with mutated DNA. No one is without the mutations, except for those who are starseeds and those who are walking in.

Q. Where do many of the ET's come from? ?
All over. Now that they are here they are exploring what is here. Many are invisible, and you can't even tell that they're here. They don't take a physical form, they don't always need spaceships. Our beings have been here for thousands of years, watching and observing. Not me specifically. I've been in various other places on and off. But we're here to help the planet.

Q. What about the Grays and the creation of a Hybrid race? ?
Well, They're not doing any of that any more. You notice that you don't hear about abductions anymore.

Q. What happened? We sat on a council, and got together and told them to stop this.

We told them that they were hurting humans, and not doing anyone any good, and that they needed to stop. The Reticulans (Grays) had a society and they had a plan. They developed their society to a point where they became androgynous, which is never really what they meant to because you still need male and female factions. Their planet was dying. So they were looking for people with the emotional capacity to feel. They couldn't feel. That's why they don't know they're hurting anyone because they can't feel.?What they did was to come here because people here have strong emotions here, and they took innocent people who didn't have past life memory and were innocent. They were looking for people without self realization so that they could manipulate them. But we found another planet for the Grays that they can live on. Then we put up an energy field, and there is no way that they can get through. That's why you don't see them now. If you have a sighting, it's not the Grays. Although some Grays have chosen to experience being human by walking in.

Q. When you say one of us or one of our ships, who are you taking about? ?
One of our 12 ships. They all have different functions. Planetary, emotions, psychology, experimental, working on people and other functions.

Q. Are the 12 ships part of the Galactic Federation? ?
Oh yes, we all are. Even this planet is part of the Federation, even though you might not realize it.?You have to realize what Earth is all about. Earth was designed to move things into Interdimensional realities. This is a perfectly placed planet in the universe. It is a beautifully placed planet. It has the ability for people to move through portals very easily. It was really a wonderful thing until everything got shut down. It was a real jewel.

Q. What about the photon belt information that has come out recently, with the electricity problems, the null zone, five days of darkness and all that? ?
The photon belt is happening, but not the way it has been presented. It has been distorted by misinformation. They used the information to make you feel that it was something that it wasn't. Yes the shift will occur. But it is not going to happen when they said it would happen because of the changes on the planet. There will not be five days of darkness as far as I am aware of. ?You'll have to wait and see exactly how it happens. I'm not allowed to say any more about it. Some things I can tell you about, other things I really can't say too much. I only give what I'm allowed to.?Those who have been working on their stuff and have been moving up vibrationally won't even really feel the shift because they're lighter to begin with. You may notice that if you're working from a real light place and you are walking around that people sometimes won't even see you. You're invisible to them because you have a higher vibration. People almost run into you. If you walk on the beach and put up an energy field, people will walk right by you. They'll almost walk into you but they won't know what they're walking into. Anyone can do this if their energy field is high enough. It's not magic.?The original beings on this planet did not have bodies. They had lightbodies. They only had form if they chose to, just like us up on the ship.

Q. What kinds of things do you do here? ?
Energy and body work. I align chakras, I see multidimensionally. I work a lot with the internal organs and the nervous system. I do surgery (on an etheric level), I remove crystals. On an etheric field, the body has crystals. Some crystals are necessary, some are not. I am also an aromatherapist.

Q. Looking at me (interviewer), can you see internal things of interest? ?
You're dealing with a lot of emotional stuff. You're upside down on a lot of things. Your liver is throbbing because of anger, certain chakras are moving faster than they should, but your aura looks good. You've got work to do. We've all got work to do. That's why we're here.

Q. Should people work on their own personal ascension process? ?
Yes. The Merkabah, Tai Chi, Kundalini, those can all be helpful. People need to understand that they don't leave the planet when they ascend. It can happen and some have done it. But one reason I'm here as an ambassador is to show how it can be done, and how heaven and Earth can work as one. Heaven being the ascension process bringing it together with the physical process to become one. This all means that you're limitless, you can do anything. Manifest what you need, bring people together, do what you need to do. When you're open and clear, things happen a lot faster than when you're not. Separate yourself from certain people who want to dump their stuff on you and drag you down into their problems. Once you realize what all your patterns are, it's a lot easier to cut through it and make your life better.?We don't have those kinds of situations up there (on the ship) because we've done it already, and up there beings are living without a body in about 10th or higher dimensional reality. We have our jobs and our functions. I have projects that I am working on. But we don't have to eat to sustain ourselves. We don't need to beam up and down, we just do it. I often have an out of body experience to go where I need to be. I can split off in a hundred bodies. I don't give it a lot of thought, I just do it.

Q. Why is it so crucial that this planet go to light? ?
Because earth is such an integral planet. Earth is like a living library of light. You are able to cross through to other worlds. People come through here and centrifugally are shot out through wormholes to other places. This is a unique place in the universe.

Q. Any other suggestions for people? ?
People need to be careful about what they put into their bodies and how they treat themselves because they're going to become ungrounded with all the changes going on. If you take care of yourself, you'll be better prepared for the changes. When the shifts come and you shift into a higher vibrational frequency all will go more smoothly. Also, accepting of being here on earth at this time is equally as important. You need to be grounded to do your work.

Q. What would you suggest that people do to become more enlightened? ?
People need to work through their problems, their karma, their shadow side. When things are brought to the light, it brings in awareness and lets you work through anything that doesn't serve your highest good. Meditation is also a very helpful thing. Keep yourself centered. Ask the universe to open you up.

Q. What do people misunderstand about the walk-in experience? ?
People need to know that people like myself are here to help others become integrated. Once you integrate, you realize that everything that is happening to you is okay, and that all you've done is made a conscious choice to shift with another soul. You are typically given a five to six month window to decide if you want to stay or leave. In my case, I had a car accident that kept me here. I got hit with a Mack truck. Some people develop arthritis or chronic fatigue syndrome because of all the bodily changes.

Q. Do you have any suggestions for other walk-ins? ?
Walk-ins should try to network together, for mutual support. The walk-in experience feels like you've been hit by a truck or like a wall has fallen on you because you are exhausted. You also don't feel like you are here. You see a body, but you can't figure it out. I was lucky because I had people here to help me through it for the physical transfer. Take it easy. Search out others with similar experiences. There are many hundreds of thousands of us here on this planet. It used to take seven years for a walk-in to fully integrate on this planet. Now it's much quicker. I was fortunate enough to arrange for full memory recall. At this time, many beings are leaving the planet because they just can't handle what is going on right now. That's their choice.

Q. What about the predicted earth changes? ?
We corrected and prevented many of the earth changes already. The poles have completed their shifts, and they're done changing. We interfered, and prevented further big changes of that nature. In the 1970's the whole big earth changes events were a reality, they were going to occur. But now this is not the case.?I did not come down here to see this planet destroyed. I can't believe all the lightworkers have come here to see the planet destroyed. It makes no sense. It's not MY reality. The lightworkers remaining on this planet are those who have their act together and are willing to complete their mission. If you don't have your act together by now you're going somewhere else.

Q. For those who don't ascend, isn't there an alternative parallel Earth? ?
It's already there. That was what the 11:11 was all about. It's in a seventh dimension reality. People are on that planet already.

Q. Any final comments? ?
Just remember that we're not here to take over the planet, it is not our goal. Our goal is to help you remember who you are so you can get on with your life to do the work you came here for. Realize that this is a joyous time, the rebirthing of a pure energy field that was here before.?Also, realize that as a walk-in I'm not different and weird. I may not have had my history on this planet, but beings around the universe are basically alike. They want loving caring relationships, they want to accomplish their goals, and they want to live peaceful lives. If you sat in on an Intergalactic Convention, there are beings from all over. We don't have physical looks. We come in light bodies. We may have different colored lights and frequencies, but we're all the same. People forget that on this planet, because of the variety of human backgrounds. We're all the same. There's no one better than anybody.?Eventually we will reveal ourselves for all to see. We will come out. It will be in the press.

Q. When you say we, who do you mean? ?
I mean groups, not me personally. People on the councils, people like Ashtar.

Q. Is the Ashtar command in charge of the whole Earth mission? ?
No. He's just one part of it. He's one person, also the name of their group.

Q. Then who's in charge of the whole thing? ?
Who's in charge of the whole thing? God is! He or She is! He/She is part of ourselves. Being with God is like being with yourself. It is not about being separate. It's about being one. ?The doorway is opening. There are many, many beings on this earth who are shifting their reality into the new reality. But the ascension doesn't necessarily mean you are leaving the planet. It is not necessary to do that. If you bring the ascension process within you and you clean your stuff you are becoming heaven on earth. That's what Jesus meant when he spoke about it. Create your own heaven on earth.

Q. Do you have someone special up there, up on the ship? ?
Yes, I do. We're both doctors and scientists and we both work together. After we're done here we're just going to settle down for a while somewhere far away. We've been to a lot of planets and there's a lot of nice places to live. We've both made sacrifices to be here. I gave up a lot to be here. After it's all done we'll be moving on. But that's twenty years from now. What's twenty years compared to thousands?

Q. What is it you came in to do?

Once I get integrated, by biggest challenge is to show what heaven on earth can be like, in the body. Ascension isn't necessarily about going "up," it's about joining with the highest spiritual realm and connecting it with earth.

Q. What would you say to people who say that walking in is fooling around, and not right, and against God's wishes, and something that just shouldn't be done??
First of all, remember that it is all prearranged, and that it is an agreement between two souls. Anything that we do in the highest and best accord is God's work, since we are all God. We have chosen different roles and different paths. I spent a long time thinking about it before I came in. I was lucky because I came in with complete memory.

Q. What does it mean to have complete memory??
I remembered what it was like before I walked in , as well as tapping into the previous occupant's memory bank.

Q. About the walk-in experience, was it difficult for your husband to adapt to the new you after you walked in and changed? Wasn't this a real challenge for him??
Yes. But don't forget that as you become an integrated soul, you are the sum of different parts of yourself. So I am not entirely different. Some aspect of me changed, and other aspects didn't.

Q. Who do you consider to be your parents, your galactic parents or your earth parents??
They are all my parents. All the memories that were in this body before I came in are still part of my heritage, and who I am.

Q. Are your galactic parents like earth parents in that they have similar parent/child issues??
It's much more simple. We don't have the emotional component that gets in the way. We go through our life span so differently. It's not like someone goes through the difficult teenage years, because they've gone through that thousands of years ago. The teaching, learning and education of young people is similar to a trade school, where children can study things that they are interested in and have a natural affinity for. The child doesn't try to please his or her parents. The parents are pleased and happy when their children are moving along with their own growth and enlightenment. They are encouraged and applauded when they succeed in any areas of their lives. They do not attempt to make their children do things that would make they unhappy. They try to please themselves, because each child is considered God, and a part of God. You see, children are not a hardship elsewhere. Education and other things are very important and not a problem. Everyone wants to be educated and succeed and be joyful in whatever they choose to do.

Q. Do you see your galactic parents, or brothers and sisters much? Where are they??
I don't see them much now, because I've taken this long-term assignment. They live in the area of Sirius B. Most of my brothers and sisters see our parents often, because they live there.

Q. Do you celebrate any special holidays or anything like that? ?
We do, but it's a little different. We celebrate the forming of the Federation, and the universal heart, etc.

Q. Where are the Elohim from??
They are from where the two Great Central Suns meet. The Elohim were formed as messengers of God. They were made up of archangels and other beings from other planetary systems. There weren't any ascended masters at that time.

Q. Is it true that Jesus is an Elohim??
Yes, and there were some others too, like St. Francis, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Mary. Jesus took on a human form. His name was Joshua, which means God. On Earth he became a God-like being. He was heaven and Earth in a body. However, before his lifetime as Jesus he was also Moses.

Q. Who was the person named Yahweh??
Yahweh is God, or an aspect of God. Yahweh is a higher aspect, than say Jehovah. Yahweh is a form of universal energy.

Q. Who was Lucifer??
Lucifer was the fallen Angel. There is no negative or positive, it is simply choice. He chose to go one way. Lucifer was originally an ascended being. However, he didn't go along with the flow like everyone else, and thus the rebellion.

Q. Do the Elohim ever have conflicts with the Greys, Pleiadians, etc.?
There are groups, meetings, and committees, and all that. We straightened out the Greys and all the abductions. They're not doing that anymore.

Q. What about the hybrid (half-human half-grey) babies??
They were put on another planet. We set up a place for them to go to.

Q. Don't you think the hybrids will want to come to Earth? ?
They can't breathe here on Earth, so they won't stay here. They have totally different DNA. Reticulans don't need as much oxygen as humans do.

Q. Won't the hybrids want to see the other half of their parents? ?
Well, it isn't so easy as that. They don't all look very human. Some do, but many don't. Some of them look more grey. They may choose to at some time in their lives to pursue that in the future. It is truly up to them.

Q. Have you ever seen a hybrid??
Oh yes.

Q. How old are they now??
Well, this all started in the 1950's, so that means that some of them may be as old as 40 and 50.

Q. Up on the space ship you came down from, do people speak languages? How do these beings communicate? ?
They communicate telepathically, or they use the light language, more commonly known as galactic language. It's a funny-sounding language.

Q. What is your ship like??
It is elliptical in shape. With a lot of light beings on it. We consume mana, a source of nutrients and light for us. The ship was commissioned through the Galactic Federation. I was assigned to it about 1000 years ago.

Q. Do you know any greys??I know some, but I don't hang around with any. They don't have a lot of warmth.

Q. Are greys considered humanoid??

Q. Are most ET races humanoid??
Yes. Much more than half. Of course there are also the reptilian races, and others.

Q. What are the reptilian races like??
They are strange. It is difficult for non-humanoid Ets to mix with humans. They have much different ways of doing things, the way they eat, etc.

Q. What about the Sirians, are they humanoid??
Yes, but you have to remember that races mix with each other.

Q. What about the Arcturians??
They are fifth dimensional light beings, and are humanoid.

Q. Everyone seems to like the Pleiadians. You never hear anything bad about them.?
Well, they screwed up, as Barbara (Marciniak) talked about in her book Earth that when she relayed the information that they messed up our DNA. In general, many of the people around the universe have original histories with the people of the Pleiades, Lyra, Sirsus, etc.

Q. Do all ET groups believe in God??
Most do. If you believe that you are God, then there is no separation.

Q. Did the ET groups interfere with the development of man? ?
Yes. There was a normal looking humanoid race here to begin with. As I understand it, in order to build the races, they did intermix with the ape Neanderthal. As I understand it, they extracted ovaries and things like that. By the way, most of this was done on Atlantis. Some of the experiments didn't work out as well as they could have.

Q. So the ET groups helped develop mankind.?
Yes. Also, don't forget that when Atlantis went down everything split. People went in all different directions.

Q. So is it safe to say that the various races and colors that humans are is a result of origins from ET groups??
Absolutely, there's no doubt about it. That's why everyone is different.

Q. Is Darwinism and evolution true??
Not really. Because of the interference from ETs.

Q. Did humans evolve from base life forms??
No. The original beings on the earth were already humanoid in form. Keep in mind that there was A LOT of experimentation done here on this planet.
Q. Why do we share so much DNA with chimpanzees??Well, obviously there were offshoots of experiments. Some didn't quite fully make it. Some of it went too far, from what I have seen.

Q. Why do the Greys abduct some people and not others??
The greys look for beings that are extremely innocent or ones that are not super-spiritual. They steer clear from highly evolved beings. They are looking to recapture their lost emotional body. They felt this planet was ideal for them and their needs. But remember that the greys stopped doing abductions. They have resolved this experiement and changed their lifestyles or have walked-in to other human bodies to experience emotions such as I did.

Q. What happened during the 11:11??
Solara channeled this information. Eleven doorways will be opened between now and the year 2012. These doorways allow humans to look through into other dimensions. It's an etheric way of bridging the various dimensions. The 11:11 was the beginning of remembering who we really are. It really started back in 1987. The doorway is a dimension where no time exists. The dove came, and made it available to connect with home. It allows beings to bring heaven down into earth.

Q. Do we have free energy and perpetual motion devices here on Earth now??
Yes. They were given to us by the ETs.

Q. What about the stargate openings??
Remember that the stargates are already open. We are activating them in order for the Earth to be in her rightful place among the other Federation planetary systems. Of course, this has a direct response upon the people of this planet. Hopefully, they are being raised vibrationally wise and opening up to their full potential.

Q. Any thoughts about channeling??
Be careful who you channel. To be safest, channel your higher self. That you know you can trust.

Q. What's the best way to manifest new things into your life - affirmations, visualization, etc.??
Write down what you want to happen, write down all the details, and get ready for it to happen. Be ready for what you want. The more you work through your issues, the faster things will manifest for you. Be sure to wish for what you really want, because it will come. If you are holding yourself back by thoughts of fear and poverty, that's all you will get. But if you have worked through your issues, things will come quickly to you.

Q. What should people try to do when they meditate??
To be whole, and to heal oneself. It's fun to do an out of body experience, but it is even better to do soul traveling. That way you bypass the astral plane, where things can be distorted. You'll know when you hit the higher realms. Be careful not to be caught in the astral plane. There's a lot of stuff flying around that you have to be careful around.

Q. Why is it that many people don't have a close relationship with God until the need to??
They forget that they themselves are God. If one honors oneself as God instead of thinking that God is outside of themselves, then you are better off. Acknowledge yourself as God some time in the day, and you won't have that problem. Don't search for Gurus or other enlightened ones, when YOU are the essence of God. Put your faith into yourself and your work, not in someone.

Q. What's going to happen to our civilization when the masses on this planet begin to wake up and become enlightened? ?
A lot of fear will come up. It's beginning to happen now. It will manifest as violence, fear, war, etc. If people haven't dealt with their stuff, it's going to hit them hard. People will go through an initial denial phase, as they are confronted with new realities. People will see each other for what they really are. It will be important to have your act together. It is also important to ask for help in this time of transition either with a healer, bodyworker, or therapist as well as reading The Kryon books by Lee Carroll and The Medical Assistant Program by Wright.

Q. Are most people here to be taught directly by God, or indirectly? ?
Most people will learn indirectly. It's usually the little things, like when someone comes into your life, or when good things happen in your life. The book Celestine Prophesy spoke of that there are no coincidences. We create are co-creating as we go along. It is really up to us to use the abilities when uncovered and revealed to us. WE are all responsible for what happens to us and on the planet.

Q. How do you define a "walk-in"? ?
A walk-in is an entity who has come into a human body as a kind of soul exchange. Most souls come into the human body at birth. However, occasionally a person who is encountering a kind of "near death experience," for example, will leave the body and allow a new soul entity to "walk into" the body. Normally, this soul exchange is prearranged and agreed upon by both soul entities.

Q. What are some of the things on Earth you find "strange?" ?
Free will. I find this a very interesting concept. Seeing the way that free will runs rampant in this place we call Planet Earth, it's been mostly destructive. Where I'm from there is no free will. It does not restrict freedoms. You just "know" what it is that you are supposed to be doing. From the moment a child is conceived, the parents already "know" what it is that their child is going to do, because the child has done it before in another lifetime. Star seed children on this planet already "know" what it is that they are going to be doing.
I also find it very odd the way people treat each other on this planet. I find that there is a lack of respect for other people here on Earth. Not that everyone in the universe gets along, because, obviously, they don't. It would be unrealistic because there are different cultures and different societal values and belief systems, so people do live differently throughout the universe. We should value ourselves and respect each other and where we live.
There is also a lack of spirituality here on Earth. Some people assume spirituality is going to church. That is not what true spirituality is. Spirituality is being connected with God, and, therefore, you are God. People need to recognize that you do not need an outside vehicle to tell you how you are going to get spiritual.

Q. Let's discuss walk-ins and the relationships they have when they arrive, especially with a spouse. This certainly must be a big surprise. ?
I will address this in general terms from knowledge that I have received after discussing this at length with other walk-ins. Most of the time, the person walking-in does not have the memory of the prior person who has just left. Therefore, the spouse of the walk-in is a complete stranger to them. The person who walked-in may know their spouse on another level. It is worth getting to know this person, because he or she could have feelings for this person when you get to know him or her.

Q. What other personal challenges did you have when you "walked-in?" ?
Just trying to "fit in." You never really do ever fit in. I did tell everyone that I walked-in after I learned to speak English. Learning English was very challenging for me. Obviously, I knew my own language and it took some time to learn to speak English. My walking-in was very difficult for some people to assimilate. For others, they understood it.
My advice for other walk-ins is that the adjustment period does take a while. It takes a couple of years just to ground yourself into this physical reality to be here. It takes a couple more years just to deal with the emotional body. Many walk-ins do not come from an emotional place. We do not have karmic situations or all the issues that humans have here. We have to clear for the individual that left. My advice to people who walked-in who are dealing with all these issues is, don't try to rush through it.

Q. Let's discuss more personal issues. Let's discuss making love, for example. Is this similar to the way it is where you came from? ?
No. It's very different. Energy "joins." You fill each other's field. It's magnificent. While it is pleasurable here, it doesn't even come close. You are truly respecting the God or Goddess within each of you, and each is respecting that love. Because we come from a different base of reality, it is not physical the way it is here.

Q. Could this "joining" occur without love? ?
No. My people (Sirians) do not believe in joining just for the sake of joining. They choose to join because there is a great love. That does not mean that they will be with each other forever and ever, but at the time, they are, and it is truly out of respect for each other. You have the basis for a much more solid relationship this way. Because we have a sense of who we are and what we are going to be doing, I think this allows us to focus on other issues in our lives. Therefore, there are no issues of rape or abortion, etc. from where I am from.

Q. Do you find the English language that limiting? Does it constrict feelings or intellectual ideas? ?
Yes. You can say more in one word in my language than you can in five or six sentences in English. I speak in light language. People on Earth refer to it as Galactic language.

Q. Where did you grow up? ?
Sirius. However, I also learned things about the Pleiades because I studied there. The energy is very different, however, from Sirius, just as energy is different everywhere.

Q. Are there more Sirians here on this planet than any other beings from other places? ?
No. There is quite a mix. There are Lyrians, Alpha Centaurians, obviously a lot of Pleiadians, and Sirians on this planet.

Q. How does someone actually know if they had a walk-in experience, as opposed to a spiritual or born-again experience, an awakening, or some other large, transformative experience??
Each experience is very different. A born-again experience is an experience of the spiritual awakening of the God inside of that person; that he or she realizes who they are. They are now at a different awareness level. One would be a different person in the sense that his or her reality has changed and shifted. He or she would be no longer looking at things in a third-dimensional reality. One would have a different appreciation of who one is. It means truly loving one's self. Simply stated, a born-again finds a new, creative aspect of himself or herself.
Walk-ins are very different. One has a near-death experience: be it lightening striking someone, a drowning, a severe car accident, etc., and then there is a shift of reality. When people go through that near-death experience, they have an opportunity for either (a) an old soul to come back and, therefore, they change; or (b) a new soul comes in, as a pre-arranged situation.

Q. Let's discuss Star-Seed children. I have read that many children who have been born in the last twenty years are Star-Seed children. What is a Star-Seed child? ?
The Star-Seed children whom I've met are different because they ask a lot more questions. They have a knowing; they know who they are. Star-Seed children perform healing work, are psychic and do very remarkable things. They come in with complete, full memory of who they are. They are angelic beings and they come to give us many gifts. They are from other planets in the universe, and they choose to come here to be the leaders of the New World order. They are coming from a totally different reality base. They live in a fifth-dimensional reality. Star-Seed children need to be nurtured so that they can complete their mission here on Earth.

Q. Will Star-Seed children feel human or Galactic? ?
They will feel Galactic. They will, however try to "fit in" during their mid-to-late teens, during adolescence. When they get past the crazy stage of hormones, they will know that they are not human and it is at this point in time that they will make major contributions to humans and the Earth. The Star-Seed children will need to be with their own so that they know they are here.

Q. Does the name Athena mean anything to you? ?
Yes. It is the Arcturian mother ship. It one of the Galactic Federation's 12 mother ships that surround the solar system, overseen by Lord Metatron. My ship is called the Serafina.

Q. Tell me about the Galactic Federation. ?
The Galactic Federation keeps peace and order throughout the universe. It is chaired by Lord Metatron. The Federation has 88 council members from different civilizations. One inherits the position. I inherited the position from my father. Anyone on the Board that is not working for the best and the highest good for the whole group will be ousted. In order to leave the council, you would have to have a child.

Q. What should people do themselves to assist in their spiritual awareness? ?
Besides reading books that may be of assistance, meditation, body work, transformational breath work, and working with crystals can all be helpful. Be sure that your intent is to ask, whether it be your guides or your highest self, that you want to be awakened and fully-realized so that you can contribute what you came to do. Ask that the teachers come to you. Do your work -- clear some of the limiting patterns and behaviors that keep you from being true to yourself. You know what is right for yourself. If you find a particular thing that really resonates, go and seek it out, because it will help you along the way. Remain in your own integrity. Don't be compromised. Your own truth is what matters most.

Q. Will there be another planet like Earth for people to go? ?
There is a planet, a place really, called Alcyone. We call it the "Blue Planet." People need to understand that plant and animal life on Earth that is extinct is actually not extinct on other worlds. The only thing that was allowed to become extinct are the dinosaurs. That was an Atlantis experiment which, put simply, went wrong. Alcyone is a pristine planet. Although it is not yet inhabited, it will be within the next few years.

Q. What does the New World Order mean to you? ?
What the New World Order means to me can be stated in biblical terms: The meek shall inherit the Earth. And the Star-Seed children will be the leaders.

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